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Personalized Technology Coaching

Learn to love your digital devices

Dr. Peggy Palmiter, Tech Coach

Do you wish you had someone to ask why your phone does that?
Do you wish you didn’t have to ask your kids again, never understanding their answer? 
Do you wish you had someone you can ask the questions you won’t ask anyone else?
Do you wish you could ask the question when you needed the answer? 
Do you wish you could ask a question when you don’t know what you want to ask?

Sometimes, we just need a little help.  Sometimes we need a coach. 

One-on-one In-person Coaching

Get individual coaching on any device,  cell phones (apple and android), tablets and computers.

One-on-one virtual Coaching

Just can manage the in-person appointment?  We offer help virtually over Zoom.  Yes, it really works.

Coaching Coffees

Get 2 to 4 of your friends to join you in your kitchen (with their devices) for a Coaching Coffee.  It’s fun and you all learn a lot from Peggy and  each other.

On-going Support

Sign up for a coaching subscription.  You can call and ask your questions and Peggy will get back to you with an answer.

Upcoming Events – Q&A Events coming soon