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Virtual Coaching

Sometimes you just can’t manage – or don’t want – an in-person appointment.  Sometimes you want our services, but the travel distance would make it cost prohibitive. 

We can accommodate virtual coaching.  But be aware that it is difficult to show you things when I’m not sitting right next to you.  The cost of virtual coaching is the same as in-person coaching.  If you can manage the introductory session in person, things can go more smoothly when we move to virtual sessions.

Prices for virtual coaching:

Introductory Session – 1 and 1/2 hrs – $75

Subsequent hourly sessions – $50/hr

Three Session Series (including Introductory Session) – $150

Five Session Series (including Introductory Session) – $225 

You might know right from the beginning that you would like several coaching sessions.

If you sign up for a coaching series, you get a discount. 

Interested in more information?  Email and phone are below.

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